Action Hampshire and SURA Research project – Co-production Plus

August 2023 SURA embarked on a research project with Action Hampshire.

Funded by the Bill Sargent Trust, the research is about homelessness, poverty and mental health.

This research projects methodology is  ‘Community Participatory Action Research’ (CPAR). CPAR is an approach to research where the people taking part are also part of the decision-making processes, meaning they are co-researchers on the project. The co-researchers help with some or all the research stages:

  • Designing what the research is about and how data will be collected
  • Undertaking data collection as well as participating in data collection
  • Analysing the collected data or reviewing the analysis
  • Writing or checking the report

For this SURA has the benefit of working with  trained researcher Jess Johnson MSc of

We will keep you updated on the progress of this very interesting piece of work as it unfolds.

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