SURA – Code of Conduct:

SURA: Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct aims to set clear guidance for both SSJ staff and SURA members and/or committee members alike. On what is the expected conduct and behaviour when participating in SURA meetings and associated activities. This Code of Conduct is in place to protect and safeguard SURA members, staff and the public, as well as protecting the SURA committee and its working partner’s reputations.

Remember when you are participating in a SURA activity you are a representative of SURA.

SURA members and committee members are expected:

 To show respect and consideration to members and committee at all times

  • To behave in a reasonable and responsible manner
  • To let attendees at meetings, speak and finish what they are saying
  • To not speak over people when they are talking
  • To wait their turn to speak at meetings
  • To take responsibility for their own actions
  • To not use threatening, intimidating or disrespectful language
  • To not engage in any behaviour which may be deemed offensive
  • To not engage in any acts of violence and/or physically challenging, threatening and/or intimidating behaviour
  • To not threaten to damage or damage property with the intent to damage
  • To attend any agreed working days as a committee member or working committee member
  • To not use alcohol or drugs at any venue whilst attending SURA meetings or activities
  • To not attend meetings or activities if detrimentally drug or alcohol affected

Outcomes and measures for breaching the SURA code of conduct: The list above is not exhaustive, but generally speaking any act of anti-social behaviour or criminal / violent behaviour will not be tolerated and will be treated accordingly (see below).

 Members or committee members in breach of the code of conduct, may be immediately asked to leave the meeting or activity and may risk their place at future sessions

  • In severe cases of a breach or breaches of the code of conduct. SURA may refer to its own constitution for guidance, potentially leading to suspension of your membership or the termination of your position if you are a committee member
  • In very severe cases SURA may also refer to criminal law, the outcomes of which may be punitive

 This is a working document; and as such may be subject to amendments, alterations or additions. SURA welcomes your input and involvement in improving and achieving this. Please feel free to let us know what we may have missed out or suggest alterations to the wording, whatever your view get in touch.

SURA – Code of Conduct