Anti-Social Behaviour

What is Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)? And what to do if you experience or suspect it.

The Society of St James (SSJ) believes all people should have the right to live free from nuisance and harassment and SSJ is committed to challenging Anti- Social behaviour (ASB) wherever practicable.

SSJ’s approach to managing ASB will mix intervention and enforcement as appropriate, as well as providing support to victims. In serious and/or ongoing situations enforcement could include eviction. SSJ will work with other agencies to reduce the causes and effects of ASB. As well as working with victims and perpetrators.

Once ASB has been identified staff and management of that service will agree the most appropriate action to take. This will vary depending on the person(s) and the services they may or may not receive.

It can be difficult to know what steps to take, who to contact or report it to, you may be concerned about repercussions if you do report it. Unfortunately the desired outcome might not be met if you don’t report it to the relevant agencies. 

 To contact your Local Environmental Health Officer

To contact The Police

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