Operational Security Team (OST)

Operational Security Team (OST):

Who are we:

Steven Martin Housing Management Manager

Ronald Radloff OST Team Leader

Yovanis Cruz Riveron OST Security Worker

Abi Oduekun OST Security Worker

Rik Harris OST Security Worker

Madi Jabbi OST Security Worker

Jim McNally OST Security Worker

Stephen Hill OST Security Worker

Elle Markham OST Security Worker

David Balk OST Security Worker


What do we do:

We have the responsibility of maintaining security for our residents, staff and building integrity. We monitor all the Society’s properties ensuring they are secure, safe and peaceful. Secure by monitoring doors, windows and entrances. Safe by monitoring Health & Safety (H&S) issues, reporting maintenance issues and ensuring locks and lighting are maintained. Peaceful by monitoring noise levels, Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and general disorderly behaviour. A friendly service to support you.

Call the Operational Security Team:  02380 632544 

                       (Out of office times 24hrs weekends and bank holidays)